Rey's 65th Birthday | Bistro 45, Pasadena | October 03, 2015

Happy 65th Birthday to my Ninong Rey!  

Right before I went to cover ADK USC Informals, I headed out to my Ninong Rey's Surprise Birthday Partyat Bistro 45 in Pasadena. (If you're not familiar with Filipino culture, Ninong means Godfather in English). My mom was invited to the party but she needed a ride since she never learned/refuses to learn to drive on the freeway because it's "scary." lol.  Well, "okay" I said and we left for the party in the morning.

I didn't plan on taking pictures or doing coverage for the party but I just couldn't help but take out my camera.  I felt out of place being at event and just sitting there. What a weird feeling. I can't really explain it.  Maybe other photographers out there get the same feeling? I mean, it was the least I can do, especially since Rey's my Ninong.  My mom and I arrived at the venue before everyone else and as we were waiting for guests to arrive I was like, "Hey mom, I should take out my camera and take pictures, huh?"  She agreed so I went back to my car to get some of my gear. Now I didn't feel out of place. haha.

Bistro 45

Bistro 45 is usually closed during Saturday morning's but they were able to book this awesome venue.  Really nice owner & the chef's food was on point. Great food, awesome dessert, and the appetizers were amazing.  Oh, and the servers and staff were more than happy to help guests. Very welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Overall, I would say that everyone had a great time.

The Surprise

& Yes, the surprise party was a success!  It's great to see things work out really well especially if it's a surprise party.  How many times have you been to a surprise party but the guest of honor already knew of the event? Too many from my experience. The room got dead silent when we were told that he was just about ready to walk in the venue.  How exciting (: The look on his face was priceless when he saw a bunch of friends and family as he entered the room.

Around 2pm I had to leave to head over to LA to cover Informals for ADK.  Sad that I couldn't stay a bit longer.  Well, anyway here are some more pictures from the Birthday.  I felt like editing them to have a vintage polaroid kind of look to em.