Heat OC: Audien X BRKLYN 2015.11.20

Had the awesome opportunity to take photo coverage for Audien and BRKLYN over at Heat OC Nightclub the other week thanks to my friend DJ DVNNY!  I expressed interest in doing this kind of work earlier this year but was never really given the opportunity to do so.  But my friend Danny randomly messaged me on Facebook and I was ecstatic.  I couldn’t wait to take pictures for the night.

This was my first time going to Heat OC nightclub & I thought the venue looked pretty nice.  It kind of reminded me of the size of Sutra OC. Just be prepared to pay around $15.00 for parking at the end of the night.  Oh, how I wish parking was free at this plaza but it isn’t… hah. From a photographer’s perspective, I’d say that it was kind of difficult trying to navigate and maneuver myself through the crowd.  Once the place got packed, I kind of wanted to stay away from getting in the middle of everything.  It was also kind of difficult to take any pictures behind the DJ booth setup. I really wish there was more space back there but there isn’t. But I made it work! 

As far as my setup goes, I was using a D7000 & SB900 flash combo with MB-D11.  For normal lighting conditions, this camera setup isn’t too bad.  But I would not really recommend an APS-C sensor camera for club nightlife photography.  When using the D7000, trying to take any pictures above ISO 800 just made photo quality look a bit too noisy.  So I found myself using my flash a lot or shooting a super low shutter speeds.  But I didn’t really like how some pictures came out when I used those settings. Nevertheless, pictures still came out great!  I used to have a D7100 which did perform better in low light conditions but someone stole that from me earlier this year in March.  I never really recovered from that since losing that was losing around $4k worth of gear on it. Sigh. Sucks.

But needing a new camera for this kind of work and regular event stuff, I bit the bullet this Black Friday week and just ordered a Nikon D750 FX camera from GreenToe.com.  I got a really great deal on it and saved more than $400 on it. (You can check out GreenToe.com buy clicking this link here: http://gtoe.me/l/8nY0YakA_V)

This will be my first full frame, Nikon FX camera and I’m really excited to take photo coverage next week for Seven Lions when using it!   I read a lot of great reviews on it and how great it performs so I just went ahead and got it. My credit card hates me but I’m pretty sure this camera will pay off in the long run. I thought about getting a D800 or D810 but those cameras bodies are kind of dated.  For the value, I went with the D750 and if Nikon comes out with a better body than the D750/D800/D810, then I guess I’ll upgrade some time later.  Why didn’t I get a Sony A7rII? Cause I don’t have the money for that. Lol.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me in my photography career since Day 1.  I hope to bring you even better content in the near future.  If you know anyone that needs a nightlife or portrait photographer, please send them over to me! photo@BryanMiraflor.com

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