HEAT OC: SEVEN LIONS with resident support by WEARETREO // November 25, 2015

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving Weekend!  I started off my Thanksgiving weekend on Wednesday night by taking photo coverage for Seven Lions and WeAreTreo at Heat OC Nightclub.  The venue was packed and the music was amazing.  If you’re free, try to come out Thursday night, 12/3/15 to catch Bingo Players perform. 

Round 2:

Shoot Okay, okay.  Since this was my second time shooting at Heat OC, photo coverage was a lot easier because I knew where to go and when & I didn’t get lost looking for the venue and I knew where to park. Win. I also received my upgraded photo gear in the mail so that helped make photo coverage run smoother throughout the night.  In my opinion, the D750 I purchased from GreenToe.com was a 150% upgrade from the D7000/D7100.  Its performance in the various low light conditions of the club just blew my mind.  Pictures didn’t look noisy in post-production and while shooting, I didn’t have to amplify the flash too much. I honestly cannot get over how much better this full frame camera is over my older camera models.  Not sure if I could ever go back to using APS-C Sensor cameras.

Armed with the D750, and SB-900 + Pixel External battery pack, I used the FX 24-120mm Kit lens, Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens, and a DX Tokina 11-20mm Wide Angle lens that I used on my older D7000. The 11-20mm APS-C lens was useable since the D750 has a DX cropping option, but let’s just say that I really need to invest in some Full Frame Glass.

D750 Body
Nikon 50mm f/1.4
Nikon 24-120mm
Tokina 11-20mm APS-C
SB-900 Flash
PIXEL External Flash Battery Pack for Nikon SD-9

Does anyone out there have any good suggestions on wide/super wide angle lenses for FX DSLR camera bodies?  I saw some holiday deals on Rokinon/Samyang lenses but I think I’d prefer something with Autofocus.  Maybe a Sigma, Tokina, or Tamron FX wide/super wide angle zoom/prime?

Anyway, I had a great time shooting and I hope to see you tomorrow for Bingo Players.

Full Album from Seven Lions can be viewed on Heat OC’s Facebook Page. My photo set starts when you see the watermark: Facebook Gallery

P.S. I’m looking for more nightlife & photo gigs so if you know of anyone looking for a photographer, let me know! Would definitely love to work with some new clientele whether it’s for portraits, engagements, weddings, or other events.

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