UC Irvine Grad Portraits with Erica Law

This graduation year was pretty interesting for portraits.  I felt like everyone on my facebook newsfeed was graduating with their undergraduate degree or with their masters degree. I guess that explains why a lot of my friends disappeared for 4 years. Makes perfect sense now. haha.  It also seemed as if everyone had a photoshoot before their commencement date.  A lot of new photographers showed up on my feed and I thought it was great seeing new talent.  I guess having a photoshoot before leaving your college is a must nowadays.

So, this year was pretty busy with grad portrait sessions! I'm very thankful for everyone that contacted me to book a shoot. I'm typically swamped with a lot of portrait work around May, but I was able to book a shoot with my friend Erica for the 6th of June. I invited my friend Ducky to help out with the shoot too. We circled around UC Irvine campus a little after sunset to get that golden hour lighting. Here are some shots we took. Congrats Erica!

Gear Used: X-T1X-E2XF18mm f2XF56mm f1.2