Miraflor Photography Sorority/Fraternity Composites

Hello! Thanks for coming to my page. Currently under construction but here's info for composites!


Standard Composite Package:

• 1 x Large 24" x 36" Full Chapter Composite Print

• Mini Composite Prints Available Upon Request for an additional fee (might be cheaper for your org to order them online with the file that I provide)

• 1x Large 24" x 36" High Quality Frame

• 1x Downloadable File of Full Chapter Composite Print

• Please keep this for your records and perhaps give it to your Historian for keeping it in their archive.

• Downloadable High Resolution Individual Portraits for no additional fee.

• You can use these pictures for LinkedIn.com and other Professional Websites.

• Professionally edited photos: Skin Retouching, Blemish Removal, Lighting and more provided with price.

• Lifetime File Backup; I will keep your files backed up on my server and they will always be available upon request. However, technology isn't always reliable so make sure you also store and keep the copy I send you.


  • $17 per active member taking a picture

  • Print Fee: $50.00

  • Frame Fee: $35.00

  • Rate will cover the time spent photographing the portraits, hours needed to edit each individual portrait, the hours spent putting the pictures onto the composite, etc.

  • $25 Travel fee applies to order if driving to Pomona, Riverside, SGV, Orange County to take the composite photos at desired location.


• Two Step Payment:

  • $150 down payment required upon booking.

  • The remainder of the payment will be required during the day of taking composite photos.

• Accepted Methods of Payment:

  • Venmo (@BryanMiraflor), Zelle , or Cash

Payment Disclaimer:

  • Please have your chapter's Treasurer collect payment from your Active Body Members during your general meeting.

  • Please don't have your actives send me individual payments through Venmo or in person with cash. It's too difficult to keep track of everyone!

Portrait Scheduling

  • I currently don't own a studio so please coordinate a convenient desired time, location, and date when your entire active body can meet up for a few hours to get their composite pictures taken by me.

  • I've met with orgs at their General Meeting locations or even their current active house to take their portraits. I'd stay there for a few hours and actives would come and go as I took their pictures. If possible, let's try to have all the pictures taken in less than 2 hours.

Product Delivery

• From the time of the schedule portrait shoot to end, the composite will be completed within 3-4 weeks, or sooner depending on speed of communication with me during the proofing process:

Proofing Process Before Print

• I will send client a composite proof with everyone's desired name, title, position, and composite layout prior to printing.

• Please check the document for any changes that need to be made or corrected. If needed, corrections will be made and second proof will be sent.

• If proofing is given the OK and the print is made, but it is found later that there are more corrections to be made, an additional $50.00 charge will apply to your order.

• Please triple check if any corrections have to be made prior to printing. Unfortunately printing isn't cheap so we should get it right hte first time!

• Once composite is printed, client can pick up the 24" x 36" composite and I will also e-mail you the high-resolution download link for the individual portraits and the composite copy.

• If delivery location is nearby, I might be able to drop off the composite if needed.