Graduation Portrait Session Guide 2019-2020

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Thank you for being interested in my photography services! I'm sure you must be excited to graduate and have these pictures taken to show your friends and family. I'll make sure that you look great in your portraits!

Scheduling and Booking

If you would like to schedule a session, please contact me through e-mail at  My Facebook Messages and Texts get a bit cluttered so e-mail is the best way of contacting me.  It gets busy around this time of year, so let's try to coordinate and find out what day is best for our shoot!  If you know of any friends of yours that might want to have a grad session, let them know about my services and maybe we can do a group grad session!.

Graduation Portrait Session Package Details

There are three (3) types of grad portrait sessions that I offer:

A.  Two Part Photo Session: Studio-Style Portraits & On-Location Photoshoot ($400 PER Graduate)

  • This is my favorite session! It will have two parts where we will take the traditional studio style graduation pictures with you and your cap, gown, sash, and backdrop and then we'll move the shoot to a location of your choice.

  • Most of my past clients preferred to have the on-location photoshoot session take place on their campus.

  • As far as time goes, we are going to spend approximately 2-3 hours in the day for the entire photoshoot.

  • Make sure to bring water or snacks just in case you get a bit hungry!
    *25% Retainer Required Upon Booking*

B.  Studio-Style Portrait Session Only ($275 PER Graduate)

  • This session will be for studio style portraits only.

  • We'll take pictures of you with your cap/gown, and any other props that you bring to the shoot. Unfortunately, I do not have a studio to take pictures in at the moment. But if you have a room big enough for me to set up my equipment, I can go to your location and take pictures over there.

  • Setting up usually takes me 35 - 45 minutes and we'll be right on our way to taking some great pictures.

  • This session will only take about 1-2 hours or less.
    *25% Retainer Required Upon Booking*

C. On-Location Individual or Group Portrait Session Only ($275 PER Graduate)

  • So you don't want to have the studio-style pictures. That's completely fine! In this session, we will just be shooting outdoors, at the location of your choice.

  • We could take pictures on your campus, at the beach, or anywhere else you think would be a great idea.

  • We will be taking individual portrait pictures of each member of your group AND group pictures.

  • Let me know where you want to shoot and I'll see if we could make it happen!

  • This session will only take about 1-2 hours or less.

  • Make sure to bring water or snacks just in case you get a bit hungry!
    *25% Retainer Required Upon Booking*


Retainer and Payment

  • Client shall pay a retainer equal to 25% of their selected photoshoot package to secure the services and products specified. The final balance must be paid in full the day of the event.  The retainer shall be applied to reduce the total balance of the package. If the final balance is not paid, Photographer will not make any images available for viewing until the balance is paid in full, and reserves the right to enforce the terms of the Contract against the Client for purpose of obtaining payment.

  • In the extremely unlikely event of severe personal illness or other extreme acts of nature beyond the control of the Photographer which precludes Photographer from performing the duties of coverage, Photographer will refund the client all monies paid, including the retainer.

Cancellations or Postponement

  • If Client should cancel the event for any reason, the retainer will not be refunded. If Client wishes to postpone or otherwise change the Event date, Client must first submit a written release to Photographer bearing the original contracted date, which will void the contract. Thereafter, if the Photographer is available for the desired new date, Photographer and Client will execute a new contract, and all monies paid will transfer to the new date. The new date must be within six (6) months of the original date or the new contract will be subject to Photographer’s then current rates. If the Photographer is unavailable on the new date, the Contract will be cancelled and the retainer will not be refunded.

All Original, High Resolution Images!

After our photoshoot session, I'll provide you with the high resolution images taken from our shoot on a DVD and I'll also have an online download that will be up for 3 weeks.  You'll be able to access your files at any time within that 3 week time period.  I keep backups of all of my work, so if you ever need them sometime again later, please feel free to contact me and I'll try to get them to you again. You can bring these files and have them printed at your local store of choice.  However, if you would like me to make some high-quality prints for you, please contact me and I'll send you my rates.

Free Touch-Ups & Editing

I will provide you with touch-ups of your portraits that include things like blemish removal, teeth whitening, hair fixing, lighting adjustments, and more.  I provide these for free at no additional cost. Unlike other photographers, I do not charge an additional fee for this service.  I remember in high school I had to pay an additional $10 or $15 just to make sure that my pimples didn't show or something. Blah. Haha.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I need a cap and gown!

  • I have two caps and gowns for pictures that we can usefor the shoot. One is meant for someone that is about 5' 5" tall and the other one is for someone that is 5' 7" tall. The latter gown might be a little bit too large for others.

  • If we have our session before you receive your cap and gown, I recommend borrowing a cap and gown from a friend that has already graduated! This works out a lot of the time.

  • Make sure to bring any sashes or tassels that you would like to use during the photoshoot.

2. What exactly do you do after our photoshoot session?

  • So after our photoshoot session, I'll upload the pictures to my computer, do a quick edit, and then upload an individual gallery for you. From this gallery, let me know which top 3 portraits from our shoot are the one's you want me to edit.

  • If we have an outdoor photoshoot session, I'll give you all of the pictures we took from that day! I'll typically edit all of them, so there's no need for you to choose which pictures you want me to edit.

  • After you get back to me, I will then re-edit the pictures, do a blemish removal, make sure your hair is okay, etc.

  • Finally, I'll make you a DVD and online download for your photoshoot session.

3. What is your turn around time for you to finish editing our photoshoot session?

  • After our shoot, it will take me at least 1 - 2 weeks, or sooner in order for me to drop off your DVD at the mail and upload the pictures for your download.

4. Do you provide prints?

  • I have the ability to make prints but I usually provide you with the high-resolution files so that you can make your own prints from any location of your choice. However, if you want me to get prints done for you, let me know and I can send you a quote on some packages.

Photoshoot Session Tips and Suggestions

  • Please arrive at your photoshoot session on time and prepared!

  • If we're going on a two part photo session, please don't forget to bring snacks just in case you get hungry.

For the Ladies:


  • Please wear a dress underneath your graduation gown so we can take a variety of pictures. We'll be taking pictures of you in your cap and gown, pictures of you just in your dress, and also pictures of you wearing your gown but you'll be showing your dress underneath. Please reference my portfolio for examples.

  • Bring heels to be worn while you're in your cap and gown. Cap and gown shots don't look good when you wear sneakers or other regular shoes. If we're going to be walking in the grass, you might want to wear wedges so that the grass doesn't act like quick sand. Haha.

  • You might also want to bring a comfortable pair of flip flops or sneakers like Vans or Toms just in case you get tired of walking around in your heels.

For the Gentlemen:


  • Suit and Tie is preferred for our shoot.

  • Primarily a button-up dress shirt, a tie, slacks, dress shoes, and maybe even a pair of sunglasses.

  • I recommend that you don't wear a crew neck or v-neck shirt because it just doesn't look right when wearing your cap & gown.

  • Remember, dress shoes are a must! Graduation gowns and tennis shoes do not mix well when looking at the final pictures of the photoshoot.